email features
Email Composition & Administration Features

File Storage

Files that are too large to be attached to messages can be uploaded to the TurnKey Mail server and shared through public links.

Follow-up Flagging

Emails marked for follow-up are displayed w/ a red flag icon within the message header, for easy identification.

Weather Forecast

Plan for outdoor events with included 7-day weather forecast, courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Auto-saved Email Addresses

TurnKey Mail automatically pulls email addresses from the Sent Items folder and saves them separately from emails in the contacts list.

POP Retrieval

Easily grab email from external POP accounts and pull them into TurnKey Mail accounts.

Synchronization Center

Determine which desktop applications and mobile devices can be synced with TurnKey Mail easily with the Synchronization Center.
Scheduling, Tasks, and Contact Administration Features

Robust Calendaring

Choose different calendar views, show task start dates and due dates, specify working hours, and view the 7-day weather forecast.

Enhanced Contacts View

See recent messages, appointments, and attachments related to each contact in one convenient location.

Linked Tasks

Link a message to a task, and see it displayed with start and due dates on calendars from the special linked tasks view.

Free/Busy Scheduler

Schedule time to communicate and collaborate with the free-busy scheduler.

CalDAV and CardDAV Support

Support for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other clients contacts and calendars synchronization.

All New Reminders System

Reminders and notifications now have distinctive pop-up displays, available audible chimes, and effective management features.
Collaborative Features

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Add-on

ActiveSync reduces sync time, extends the battery life of mobile devices, and delivers the industry-best syncing for collaboration features.

Enhanced Outlook Synchronization

Two-way syncing with Microsoft Outlook 2007 without the use of any third party tools

Hassle-free Mailbox Migration

Easily import email and collaboration items from most email platforms and services.

SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching

Pattern matching engine can process high volumes of email per day without the need for a distributed anti-SPAM server.

Advanced Calendaring

Multiple calendar/availability views, an enhanced reminder system, and iCalendar specifications for better usability and appointment notification.

Synchronize Outlook Features

Now synchronize shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and now notes; including optional automatic synchronization on startup and exit of Outlook.
Mobility Features

Over-the-air Syncing for Smartphones

SyncML technology available to facilitate over-the-air synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with a variety of mobile devices.

Prioritization of Domains and Messages

Ensure critical emails are delivered before non-critical messages or messages with a large mailing list

Mass Messaging for Administrators

Event-driven technology allows timed notifications virtually infinite number of event configurations for specific pre-defined actions.

Supports SSL and TLS Connections

TurnKey Mail offers SSL and TLS connections for all protocols, for the acceptance of incoming SMTP, POP3, or IMAP sessions.

Real-time Dashboard and Email Reports

Email reports and features, including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.

Message Status Icons

Icons reflecting actions performed on messages include: read, unread, forwarded, and replied.
Security, Compliance and Administrative Features

Multiple System Administrator Accounts

Have multiple system administrator accounts, each with separate login credentials.

Regulation-Compliant Archiving

SOX and HIPAA regulation-compliant archiving, with search and retrieval of archived email.

Enhanced Antispam

97% spam protection features now allow users to customize the level of protection with flexible configurations on multiple antispam processes.